Preparing for your appointment

Customers Getting Ready for Paint

What do I need to do to get ready for my appointment?

Before we can begin our work, there are a few things that our customers need to do to prepare their homes.

Interior Painting

  • Remove wall hangings and ornaments from the walls that are to be painted: Picture frames, paintings, curtains, etc.
  • Remove screws or nails if you do not intend on hanging something again in that spot.  Our crew will patch the holes from the screws or nails you removed.
  • Keep any screws or nails installed if you intend on rehanging the object you took down.  We will paint around these nails or screws.
  • Only move furniture if you’re moving it into a room that is not to be painted.  Our crew will take care of any other furniture in the rooms we are painting. 
  • Clean any heavily soiled areas on the walls with a mild solution at least one day before our crew arrives.

Cabinet Painting

  • Clean any heavily soiled areas of the cabinets with a mild soap solution at least one day before our crew arrives.

Exterior Painting / Staining / Power Washing

  • Ensure our crew has access to all areas to be worked on.  Fences unlocked, dogs kept away from the work area, etc.
  • Ensure a functional hose bib is within 50′ of the work area if power washing is involved.


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