Financing Options for Your Next Painting Project

We are always looking for ways to make your painting projects more affordable. That’s why we offer easy and straightforward financing options to get you started on your home improvement projects!

Conner’s Custom Coatings offers financing options to make your painting project more affordable. We’re partnered with Acorn Finance, so you can get no-interest, no-payment financing on approved credit. It’s just like paying with cash!

One of the benefits of our financing option is that you don’t have to wait to start your painting project. Once you’re approved, we’ll get started right away. You won’t have to wait until you’ve saved up enough money to pay for the entire project upfront. This way, you can enjoy your new paint job sooner rather than later!

What is Acorn Finance?

Acorn Finance is the leading lending marketplace for online consumers. With no impact on your credit score, they provide access to competitive fixed-rate loans through an easy and fast process in just 60 seconds!

How much can I borrow?

Acorn Finance offers a wide range of loans, starting at $1K and going all the way up to $100k.

How long does it take to approve a loan?

Loans are typically approved within one business day and funds will be sent to you immediately.


1. Pre-Qualify

Pre-qualify for loan offers
in minutes from my Estimate

2. Select Offer

Compare and select
the best offer for you

3. Finish Application

Complete application and receive funds in 1-2 business days3

4. Receive Funding

Receive funds and pay
your contractor directly

APRs as Low As


Loans From


Terms Up To




ACORN Finance from Conner's Custom Coatings

Acorn Finance Details

Offers/terms received are personalized based on loan amount, credit profile, borrower income, lender criteria, and other factors.

If you are not pre-qualified, you will be notified immediately. You may refer to messages from Acorn Finance or its lender partners for more
information about the decision. You may re-apply for a different amount, to add a co-borrower, or after unfreezing your credit file.

Acorn Finance is not a lender but partners with lenders to make loans available. Acorn Finance is available online in the United States via
internet-connected smartphones, tablets and personal computers nationwide except for MA, MD, NV, RI, VT, WV.

The lenders on Acorn Finance’s network don’t charge any penalties for early repayment. Some lenders charge an origination fee or other
closing costs between 1-8%, and may deduct that fee from the loan amount or increase the loan amount to include the fee. No-fee options are
clearly highlighted on the offers page in the application flow.

Annual percentage rates on loans with our partner lenders range between 4.49% and 35.99% and terms range between 2 and 12 years.
Rates as of 3/4/2022. Advertised rates and terms are subject to change without notice. 3Funding times may vary.

For illustrative purposes only, if you request $10,000, you could get a total loan of $10,000 with an 8.94% interest rate and $0 fees (note, if the
lending partner charges an origination fee, it will increase the APR). You would receive $10,000 with 84 payments of $161. Actual rate and
maximum loan amount are determined solely by the lender, which may differ from this example and depend on loan purpose, amount, term,
length, and your credit profile. Loan closing contingent on final credit approval, verification of income, and other criteria established by the
lender and your acceptance of all agreements and disclosures. Pre-approvals use a soft credit pull, which does not impact credit score;
however, lenders will conduct a hard credit pull when you express interest in an offer and this could impact your credit score. This information
is presented without warranty or guarantee of the availability of any loan.

At participating franchises only.